Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wildcat custom

This is another McGuiness custom using a KC Superman as the base. First I dremmeled the head down and smoothed it over with resin. I then cut some vinyl pieces and glued them to the back of his head to make the ears. The arms & hands are wrapped with trim tape and the mask is sculpted with resin.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fire custom

Fire was made using a Thrillkiller Batgirl (designed by Dan Brereton) and the first thing I did was remove the 'batknees' and ear-points and smooth those over with resin. Next I found some scrap sashes and cut those for the bandana and glued those on. The earrings are cut vinyl and the belt is circle stickers. I had to smooth over her arms & face and sculpt the cuffs of the gloves with resin.

Geo-Force custom

I'd wanted to make Geo-Force for awhile and I'm glad I got around to it. The bands were the tough part and I finally settled on cut pieces of vinyl (using a ruler) with a piece of packing tape on the back to keep them together. The rest is a simple repaint and some resin to smooth the chest.

Sinestro Corps Superboy Prime custom

Sinestro Corps Superboy Prime is "primarily' a Infinite Crisis Superboy with a Sinestro decal and a new paint job & cape. I did use resin to build up the boots a bit. Nice and quick.

Sinestro custom

After reading the new Sinestro Corps War, I was inspired to create his new look in plastic. I used an Justice Sinestro and smoothed over the torso with resin while the rest is custom decals and a new paint job.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Tula the Aquagirl custom

This was a toughy if only for the pattern on her outfit. It took awhile but I feel I pulled it off. I used a DCD JSA Hawkgirl as the base and smoothed over the arms and boots with resin. I made the skirt with cut pieces of old skirt fodder and the collar and shells were sculpted with resin. I made the pattern on the dress with a fine point Sharpie and sprayed it with Dullcote once the paint was dry.