Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Captain America custom

As I've said, I love the McQuiness-style figures and since they recently killed off Cap, I thought it was time to make one. I started with an Aquaman base and proceeded to smooth him over with resin and start sculpting the gloves. The boot flaps are from the Martian Manhunter (from the same set as the Aquaman) and boiled them off. Next, I trimmed them back since they were too wide and resined-up the seam in the back. Always put your seams in the back of the figure. After, I used a custom "A" and star decal + some trimmed off wings for the head-wings.

Black Lightning & The Atom customs

This is a commissioned set of Ed McQuiness-style figures that I love doing. Both figures were smoothed over with resin and the Atom has a custom decal on his forehead.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Batgirl custom repaint

This is a simple repaint of the recent Mattel DC Superheroes Batgirl. It's amazing what swapping out two colors can do.

Doctor Polaris & Captain Boomerang custom set

This was a recent commission that I took since I love the old DC villains and couldn't resist the challenge of Dr. Polaris. Both took longer than expected but came out nice in the end. Too tired to post the recipe right now.