Friday, January 26, 2007

JLU Black Lightning custom

This is a striking (pardon the pun) Black Lightning made from a John Stewart GL head and an Atom Smasher body. This is basically a repaint but came out great, especially the contrasting blacks. I really like that new Ed Benes-designed costume so I use it whenever possible.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Maxima & The Ray customs

Another commissioned set, Maxima is a JLA Wonder Woman smoothed down with a Dremmel and then resined-over. I sculpted some new strands of hair, the bustier, boots and gloves. The capes are cut fabric and I used a metallic green enamel paint for the armor. The Ray is a JLA Flash with sculpted jacket, helmet, boots and gloves. The head fin and collar are cut vinyl.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Grendel custom

This Grendel is done in the JLU-style was one of the fastest customs I've done recently (25 minutes). I used a JLU Dove base, smoothed over the head with resin and sculpted the sleeves and pants. Once dry, I painted him up and sealed him with Dullcote. The mask ties are cut vinyl.

Bumblebee custom

Bumblebee is a seldom-seen Teen Titan and was a recent commission I finished over the holidays. I used a DCD Crisis Supergirl and boiled off the cape, skirt and hair. The wings are from the new ML Wasp and were airbrushed with a light blue over a white base coat. After breaking my best clippers on the metal screw that attachs the wings to her back, I now know to use industrial shears and they come right off. After that, I smoothed her back and skull over with resin and once dry, proceeded to paint her up. The eyes are glass beads and the antennae are cut vinyl.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Black Lightning custom

This is a Black Lightning custom using the DCD John Stewart as a base and the new Ed Benes costume as a guide. This was a quick one and only required a basic paint job.