Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hawkgirl custom

This is a recent Hawkgirl I did in the style of the Ed McQuiness Superman/Batman comics. I used a DCD JLA Classified Wonder Woman and boiled the figure to remove the hairpiece, which came off in once clean piece. Next I clipped off her belt hook and smoothed her over with resin then sculpted the helmet and the boot claws. I used cut vinyl for the arm bands and the side-pieces of the helmet. Using the Dremmel, I dug out 2 small holes in her back and placed in the wings which I got from an Identity Crisis Hawkman (the mace is from this figure too). The belt I found in my parts drawer and it has a small hawkhead decal on it. I used small iron-on jewels for the studs on the wrist bands. After the resin was dry and sanded, I painted her up and sealed her with Dullcote.


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