Thursday, November 23, 2006

Star Girl custom

This is a Star Girl custom I did for a commission piece recently. I used a DCD Birds of Prey Black Canary as the base and luckily had an old Starman rod lying around which I spray painted gold. I first removed the pads from BC and smoothed her over with resin. Next I cut some vinyl for the belt and used a curved circle sticker I found in a craft store for the buckle. After that, I used resin to make the boot zippers shapes and a gear wheel to make the indentations. The stars on the arms are stickers that I painted white and the blue is a Tamiya Metallic Blue acrylic paint.


Blogger Leslie said...

Nice custom. I still can't believe DC Direct hasn't released a regular figure of her yet. Just cue up more Bat- and Supermen why don't cha!

10:40 AM  

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