Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Prometheus custom

This custom Prometheus took so long to complete I thought it would never get done. The culprit: those raised bump-thingies were the bane of my existence for 2 months till I found a stash of them at Borders and was saved. the base is a JLA Superman which I smoothed over with resin and sculpted the ankle guards, the helmet and shoulder pads. I cut heavy-gauge vinyl for the wrist pads and hand pads and found parts in my parts box for the helmet goodies and belt packets. The cape is from an unknown DC Direct figure as is the grill front of the helmet. After the figure was painted and sealed, I glued the bumps on and painted them a shiny gold. The staff weapon is assorted parts glued together and painted over with a black wash.

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Blogger A.J. said...

How much for the figure? I really want it for my batman figure collection.

8:46 AM  

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